This question has been running out since Online Gambling has come to nature. As most of us have thought and searched if Online Gambling is legal or not? best online casino It has a long history that diversified its past in India. Since Internet usage has increased from the last few years in India, the Online Gambling platform got a boost and started increasing rapidly.

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But the law remained the same as earlier. In short, there is no such law that says if Online Gambling is legal or not. In India, it depends on the States government if they want to permit Gambling or not. Many states have allowed people to gamble online and offline, too, as it also helps in the State’s economy. But, many states do not allow Gambling, and they have prohibited it. For Example- If you are in Goa or Sikkim, you can play bets and win real money while in Maharashtra or Andhra Pradesh. If you found to play Gambling, you may be charged as per the state’s policy.

  • That’s the reason the Legality of Online Gambling is not resolved yet. Since there are some laws made in 1867, which is called the Public Gambling act 1867, states that if you found playing bets in House or place with certain equipment like a computer, tablets and money, you are supposed to be punished.  The fine is not much high, but still, punishment is a punishment.
  • In 1994, the concept of Online Gambling was very much popular in the United States and Canada and no surprise, and The US government made it Legal in some of their states. Checking some facts states that in 1996, around 15 websites in the US allowed people to play Online bets, but just in the next year, the number of registered websites reaches 200. People wanted to bet and win money, so as the Government because, at last, it was helping the economy of the country.
  • In 1998, the first Poker room was launched for the public, one of the most popular Online Gambling Platforms in the US and India. In 1999, The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was presented in the US Assembly, but it didn’t pass. But still, the “American Internet Gambling Prohibition Act” is there to conduct Gambling without crossing the territory where it can harm the public or the country. But no such laws are there in India. So you can play Online Gambling on different platforms available out there and take risks to win money or lose without any problem.

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Gambling’s only issue will arrive if any person intentionally reaches out to a player or sports management person and tries to offer him any amount of money to change the game’s Dynamics just because of his profit. This practice will fall under a punishable offence, and you can be in prison too. This directly hurts the viewers’ sentiments and fans and will lead a bad example to the entire sports industry.