Almost all online gaming providers offer some variant of blackjack games that feature progressive jackpots which allow the players the opportunity to win large payouts for a small wager. Many of these jackpots have reached record levels which are beginning to draw large crowds hoping for the chance of hitting the big one.

Currently, the largest progressive jackpot is featured at a Vegas Technology-powered casino in a game aptly named, “Progressive Blackjack.” The value has currently reached $140,575, slightly below the average winning size of $187,328. On average, the jackpot hits once per month with the maximum winnings ever being $259,342 which occurred 18 months ago. In the past year alone, Vegas Technology has paid out over $2 million. Progressive Blackjack is available at:

  • Go Casino
  • Online Vegas Casino
  • Millionaire Casino

The Cryptologic Progressive Blackjack game currently has a jackpot of $77,128. Unlike most other progressives, this is slowly moving and hits on around $135,000 once per year. The game hits when four aces of the same color are dealt. Therefore, it should be more popular than the Vegas Technology variant which requires four aces of the same suit. This game is available at popular casinos like InterCasino and VIP Casino.

The Playtech variant is also called Progressive Blackjack and currently boasts a jackpot of $69,007 which is slightly greater than the average amount to trigger the jackpot – $63,971. The jackpot hits 1 in every 10 days but was the last hit 15 days ago so the system is due to turn out a winner. Another trend is that the past 10 hits have been in the $60,000’s range. Therefore, the time is ripe for players to log in and try their luck with the potential for winning big.

The Playtech version of Progressive Blackjack is currently available at the following online gaming sites:

  • Omni Casino
  • Casino Tropez
  • Casino Del Rio

Although each of these online progressive blackjack games has the same name, they are different in their regard. If you have to select one of the three, try the Vegas Technology version since it has a much higher payout than the other two and is hit once per month. This is the ideal balance between a large sum of winnings and the frequency of winning. This appears to the best time to place a wager and potentially win as all versions are at the cusp of hitting the jackpot.